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Broyhill® Adjustable Power Bases

  1. Broyhill® Adjustable Base II

    Broyhill® Adjustable Base II


    from $699.00

    Your Broyhill® memory foam bed becomes so much more versatile when you add an Adjustable Lifestyle Base. Make your bedroom your personal sanctuary where you will spend time relaxing, reflecting, enjoying a good book, or watching a movie on TV or your laptop or tablet. (Furniture not included.)

  2. Broyhill® Adjustable Base III

    Broyhill® Adjustable Base III


    from $895.00

    Combine your Broyill® memory foam bed with an Adjustable Lifestyle Base for the ultimate sleep experience. The wireless remote puts you in control of unlimited ergonomic rest and sleep positions and also rejuvenating massage options. Create a calm, stress free environment where you can truly relax and recharge. Go ahead, lie back, get comfortable and prepare yourself for the best night's sleep of your life. (Furniture not included.)

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