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Broyhill Memory Foam

  • Enhance Your Comfort With a Mattress Topper

    Bedding technology has come a long way. In the last fifty years we have progressed from nothing but inner spring mattresses, pillows and bedding to a wide array of different mattress types made of materials ranging from horsehair to latex, and mattresses today can be ordered in varying depths, with pillow-tops, and even with sensors that adjust firmness and temperature to match your individual needs. All of these innovations have been created to provide maximum comfort, no matter what an individual consumer’s budget. Continue reading

  • Get On The Sleep Bandwagon To Improve Your Chances of Success

    How many times have you heard about somebody “burning the candle at both ends” in order to get ahead? Whether it’s referring to somebody studying for high school or college finals, medical school boards or passing the law bar, or simply working hard to get ahead within their chosen industry, the notion that we should sacrifice sleep in order to spend more time working has been a prevailing part of the American work ethic for centuries, and as it turns out, it may be completely wrong. Continue reading

  • Ways to Combat the Impact of Electronics On Sleep

    Scientists studying sleep deprivation have concluded with absolute certainty that the use of electronic devices that emit blue light have played a major role in insomnia and shortened sleep durations in the American public. Our smart phones and tablets trick our brains into thinking that it is daylight, shutting down the production of the hormone melatonin which makes us drowsy and helps us fall and stay asleep every night. Continue reading

  • Sleep, Work, and the Choices We Make

    Conventional wisdom holds that the more successful we are, the more time we have available for rest, relaxation, and a general enjoyment of our lives. But a recent study seems to indicate the exact opposite, and shows that the more money people make, the less time they spend sleeping. The study, which derived its information from the American Time Use Survey, shows that the families that are among the highest wage earners in the country — those with average incomes of $98,000 for a family of four — get forty minutes less sleep per night than those in the families in the lowest income group. The high earning group also makes up a large percentage of those who are in the bottom tenth in the nation for the amount of sleep that they manage to get. This is not a trend and it is not peculiar to the United – it is true in several industrialized nations, and has been true for decades. Continue reading

  • AARP Encourages Members to Get Enough Sleep

    A recent article that appeared in the AARP (formerly American Association for Retired Persons) Magazine is aimed at getting the organization’s members up to speed on the importance of getting enough sleep. The older population has a tendency to sleep less, and this is cause for concern, as more and more studies have shown that there is no physiological slow down in the need for sleep as age. Continue reading

  • The Most Sleep Deprived Jobs

    If you’re like a good percentage of the population of the United States, you wake up in the morning wishing that you’d been able to get just another hour of sleep. You may find yourself blaming your job, your boss, your stress over your boss …. But there are some jobs that are clearly more associated with sleep deprivation, overwork and stress than others. Recent studies have shown that the lower you are on the socioeconomic scale, the more likely it is that you are not getting enough sleep, and that is exacerbated by issues of race. Not only are African Americans three times more likely than white Americans to report sleeping less than five hours per night, but the statistics are similar for Asians and non-Mexican Hispanics, who reported are two to three times more likely. Continue reading

  • New App Provides Relaxing Sounds for Sleep

    People who are looking for the secret to falling asleep more easily are often advised to purchase a white noise machine. The idea behind these machines is two-fold: not only can it mask the sounds of intrusive noises that might keep you from falling asleep or awaken you once you’re already asleep, but the sounds that are generated by a white noise machine are often extremely soothing, and can lull you to sleep by themselves. These devices, though effective, often have the drawback of being somewhat pricey. Not only that, even if they work they are rarely portable, and that means that even if they work for you when you’re in your own bedroom, you still face the problem of getting to sleep when you’re traveling. But now there’s an innovative app that you can download for just 99 cents and take with you wherever you go. Continue reading

  • The Relationship Between Poverty and Sleep Deprivation

    Research being done on the relationship between the amount of sleep that people are able to get each night and their socioeconomic status has revealed the existence of a caste system in which the people who commute the longest distances, work the most irregular shifts, start work earlier and come home later every evening are also those who get the least sleep. The lower the level of education a person has and the lower their family income, the higher the chance that they are getting less than six hours of sleep per night on weekdays. Continue reading

  • Risk of Accidents Higher in Those Diagnosed With OSA

    Drowsy driving has been very much in the news recently. Not only have there been accidents on the roads that have been attributed to sleep deprivation, but also on the rail lines, and other notable accidents including the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the Exxon Valdez have also been attributed to lack of sleep. Now a study out of Sweden has provided evidence that there is a strong link between having untreated obstructive sleep apnea and an increased risk of being involved in a car accident — and that the risk is diminished once OSA is effectively treated. Continue reading

  • Should You Try Melatonin?

    A lot of people who have trouble sleeping at night complain about it. They talk to their spouse, their friends, their family, their coworkers, and one of the solutions that they frequently hear about is taking melatonin as a supplement. Most people have heard of melatonin but aren’t sure of exactly what it is, whether it is safe, whether it works, and whether it is right for them. We’ll try to answer some of those questions and take the mystery out of melatonin. Continue reading

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