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Cube™ Adjustable Memory Foam Beds

The first adjustable memory foam bed

We are proud to introduce the latest in patented sleep technology. The Broyhill® Cube™ memory foam mattress is the first memory foam mattress that you can adjust from plush to firm in up to seven separate zones on each side of the bed. Simply flip the individual foam cubes to either plush or firm side up to create your ideal sleep surface all the way from head to toe. So whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, this mattress can be customized to your individual body type and sleep style.

No Compromise Comfort

Couples will rarely agree on how soft or how firm their mattress should be. But instead of compromising, consider the Broyhill® Cube™ memory foam mattress, with two separate adjustable sides. This is one bed that can meet both of your needs without sacrificing comfort or support. Both you and your partner can get the sleep you need, making the adjustable Cube™ memory foam bed the best bed for couples with different ideas as to what makes the perfect mattress.

Do Not Disturb

If you or your partner toss and turn all night it may be a sign that your current mattress is not providing the proper support. Every time you change sleep positions, you are not only disrupting your sleep cycle, but you are disrupting your partner as well. If you are tired of being tired, consider the Broyhill® Cube™ adjustable memory foam mattress. Not only can you adjust each zone of the bed to either plush or firm to support your sleep style, but any sleep disturbances that you may experience are confined to your side of the bed.

This 38 sec video shows the versatility of the Broyhill® Cube™ adjustable memory foam bed.

The Simple Alternative to an Air Bed

A traditional Air bed, like the Sleep Number® bed by Select Comfort®, requires computerized electronics to control and adjust the level of firmness. The Broyhill® Cube™ adjustable memory foam mattress has no electrical components. Yet you can still achieve personalized comfort and support from head to toe, in up to seven separate zones on each side of the bed. Sleep Number® only allows adjustabliity in a single zone for each side of the bed, with no option of controlling lumbar support, or nuanced support of the head and foot sections to accommodate your sleep style.

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