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Broyhill® Sensura™ Memory Foam Bed Set Up

What to Do when you bed arrives

If your memory foam mattress arrives compressed please use caution in opening the shipping box. Do not use sharp objects or knives, as you risk cutting into your product. Once the product is out of the shipping box, remove the plastic bag, being careful not to tear or cut your product. Once removed from all packaging, we recommend letting the product sit and become acclimated to room temperature. Letting the product sit for an hour or two will allow it to start expanding to its normal shape/size. In a short amount of time, your product will expand to full size/shape with minimal assistance. In some cases, it may require up to 48 hours for the product to regain its full shape.

Adjustment Period

Unlike traditional spring mattresses, a memory foam mattresses may require an adjustment period due to the to the unique weightlessness feeling it induces. It also needs a break in period for the memory foam cells to relax. We recommend a test rest period of up to 90 days, with a minimum of 30 days, to allow for your body to adjust to the healthy support and alignment that a memory foam mattress can provide.

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