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Broyhill® Sensura™ Memory Foam Bed Warranty

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What Is Covered

If your Broyhill® Sensura™ mattress is defective in workmanship or material, it will be repaired or replaced at the company’s option according to the Broyhill® Sensura™ warranty schedule. This warranty is between Broyhill® Sensura™ and the original purchaser and is valid only when accompanied by the original purchaser’s sales receipt showing the original date and location of purchase. Any future warranty claims revert back to the original purchase date.

This warranty assures the following under normal wear:

  • Cover will remain serviceable and free of runs and tears
  • Edge tape and/or stitching will not become defective
  • The foam core will not crumble, bow out or become deformed
  • The box foundation parts will remain in tact and not break
  • Mattress will continue to be serviceable and free of sagging and body impressions greater than 3/4'', provided an appropriate foundation or frame is used*

*The mattress must be continuously supported by a matching Sensura™ foundation, adjustable base, platform bed, or equivalent appropriate frame with rigid center support and a minimum of 5 cross slats with center support that reaches the floor.

What Is Not Covered

Certain items are not covered by this warranty. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Components subjected to abuse, including abuse intended to simulate failure
  • Damages caused by shipper, dealer or installation crew
  • Any part which merely exhibits normal wear, yet functions essentially as new including stretching of materials and stitching
  • Tears, punctures, zippered mattress cover damage or any damage caused by improper installation, moving of the bed or improper use or care
  • Failures attributed to improper design or function of associated components not manufactured by Broyhill® Sensura™
  • Yellowing of the foam (this can occur naturally and does not effect the performance of the bed)
  • Items sold “as is” or floor models
  • Body impressions or sagging measuring less than 3/4''
  • Comfort preference
  • Mattress damage due to inappropriate foundation or incorrect bed frame.*
  • Memory foam odor (which will generally dissipate within the first week)

The warranty DOES NOT APPLY TO tears, punctures or cuts caused by accidents, abuse, improper installation of components or any negligence by the consumer or user. It is understood that this warranty does not include a normal increase in softness in the Sensura™ material or a decrease in the slow recovery feature which does not affect pressure relief. Broyhill® Sensura™ disclaims liability for any aspect of installation and any inconvenience caused by a defective part of a component.

What we will do

Broyhill® Sensura™ will repair or replace, at the company’s option, the defective product or component at a cost to the original purchaser based upon Trade-In-Value of CurrentManufacturing Suggested Retail Price. Trade-In-Value means that Broyhill® Sensura™ will offer a credit of 100/50% of the current manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a defective component, to be applied towards the purchase of a replacement component or complete bed from Broyhill® Sensura™. See below to calculate Trade-In-Value.

Broyhill® Sensura™ Memory Foam Warranty Schedule
Years After Original Purchase Original Trade-In-Value
Up to 5 Years Full Replacement
6 to 10 Years 50%
Broyhill® Sensura™ Gel Memory Foam Warranty Schedule
Years After Original Purchase Original Trade-In-Value
Up to 10 Years Full Replacement

What you Must Do

Return the warranted product or component in sanitary condition to the Broyhill® Sensura™ dealer from which you purchased the product or direct to Broyhill® Sensura™. We will incur the cost of shipping during the period of full replacement coverage (5 years/10 years). A Broyhill® Sensura™ Customer Support Specialist can provide valuable tips on how to efficiently pack your fully warranted bed with shipping material supplied by Broyhill® Sensura™. After the term of full replacement coverage, shipping of a defective product or component to Broyhill® Sensura™ will be at the customer’s expense. Please telephone a Customer Support Specialist at 1-866-725-2247 to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number and arrange for the return of the warranted product or component. All returns must have an RA number prior to shipment.


Your exclusive remedy, IN LIEU OF ALL INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING FOR NEGLIGENCE, is limited to repair or replacement of any product or component deemed to be defective under the terms and conditions stated herein. This warranty applies to normal residential use only. Broyhill® Sensura™ can accept or reject warranty claims based upon its findings. Broyhill® Sensura™ will bear no other damages or expenses. Customer maintains responsibility for installation of parts replaced under terms of the warranty. Broyhill® Sensura™ reserves the right to refuse to repair or replace any product or component that is returned in an unsanitary condition. This Limited Warranty applies only to the product as used in the United States and Canada. It is not applicable in U.S. territories or other countries. This Limited Warranty is non-transferable. Repair or replacement of a product or component under the terms of this limited warranty in no way lengthens the limited warranty period.


All claims relating to the limited warranty products should be made by contacting Customer Service at:
1-866-725-2247, or writing to:
Broyhill Sensura Memory Foam, 2440 Adie Road, St. Louis, MO 63043.

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